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From large-scale remodels to a simple quick makeover, the team at Beaux Homes & Design will expertly reflect your personal taste and style.

We are a full-service building & design firm assisting clients with a wide range of challenges including, selection of architectural details and finishes, collaborating with architects and builders, decorating a functional beautiful space with furniture, fabrics, accessories, and creating custom pieces tailor-made for your living space.

Contact us to book an in-person consultation.



Consult - The interior design process starts with a consultation. This is where we review your plans (or go to your home if its a renovation) and spend up to 60-90 minutes with you. It’s the all-important first step.

ConceptThe concept is the design blueprint for your home and takes a few weeks to complete. The concept includes:

  • Inspiration images to reflect what the home makeover will look like

  • A mood board so you can picture the end result

  • Confirmation on the colour palette, textures and patterns we’ll use throughout

  • A floor plan (to-scale) of each room with all proposed furniture mapped out

  • Detailed explanation of changes we’ll be making to each room

  • A list of our trades we’ll be using if we need to engage any (paint, curtains etc)

  • A few design curveballs that we’ve come up with

Specify - A list of products will be put together for you to review and agree to purchase. This can take a few weeks to complete. As you can imagine, there are a ton of products to include in this list and we specify right down to the cushions we’ll karate chop on your sofa. If we’re doing any work where a trade is involved (like window treatments, paint, flooring, joinery) we’ll also organize a trade day at this point. This is where we’ll come to your home to measure and get quotes carried out.

Source Once we have a final list of products approved by you, it’s time for us to go to all of our various suppliers and get invoices from them. This part of the interior design process can take a few days because for some projects there could be 20 different suppliers (sometimes more). As a guide, we tend to specify about 90% of products from our trade suppliers. This secures you better pricing because we get trade discounts.

Style -The Style part of the journey is the last and most exciting component of the entire interior design process. This is where we come to your home and put all the furniture in its place as per the layout we provided in the concept document. Once all the furniture is in place, we’ll put a list together of smaller decor items that need to be purchased to finish off the rooms. And lastly, hopefully photograph your beautifully designed home for our portfolio and social media.

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